Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Misunderstandings of Atheism

A typical misunderstanding that atheists have is thinking that if you contemplate god/s then that means you therefore must think that god/s exist/s.  Although lately I've been having my doubts about this, it must at least be one step up from this patently false notion to think of god/s as that which allow/s for existence, and not merely something that exists within existence. If God is, she must be in a way that leaves everything being exactly how it is. Otherwise it wouldn't be this way.

I don't know, really. I much prefer questions to answers. If I could have my life turn out anyway I wanted it to, it would be to become the embodiment of an unanswerable question. The thing that tends to really annoy me about atheists is that they don't have enough questions stuck deep enough inside them that they are happy to spam all of life with their trite scientistic empiricism. Empiricism, as the Answer To Everything, is a very boring God.

Perhaps there are no gods in our reality, but there are other realities in which there are gods.