Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Plausibly the role of conscious being in the universe is the self-realisation of "god".

Plausibly the role of conscious being in the universe is the self-realisation of "god". So our "job" in being conscious beings is to elevate our level of consciousness so as to become god, smiling back at each other. The universe wants that from us because it has a sense of humour.

All this time we have been chasing after understanding god and having a relationship with god and the irony may turn out to be that we are god. She was here all the time, waiting for us to see the obvious, smiling at us from deep within our own souls. Just a suggestion. :-)


Chris said...

Beautifully put. I think you nailed it on the head. Not sure how I stumbled on your blog, but glad I did. Take a look at the following youtube video.
"You trick God into believing she's a little human... looking for God. Looking for love."
"Can you imagine anything more phenomenal than the human experience?"

This idea is simply beautiful, bold, and yet is able to present itself without dismissing or conflicting with any other belief system someone may have found comfort in. It's not saying other belief systems (with an external God) are incorrect. And it doesn't imply that God doesn't exist. Most of all, I find comfort and security with this understanding because the idea of it casts no hint of separation between people, beings, or entities. It is only the narrow view of the physical being the extent of what exists, and the segmented impression of our finite human bodies that makes us appear separate. And as long as there has been consciousness there has been thought, which by its own nature exceeds the realm of any physical definitions.

But we are not even our thoughts or our feelings. We are simply aware of them. This awareness is the true self, non judging. When the thoughts a feelings are stripped away, this awareness is universal, not many of the same, but one, connected. Beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your suggestion... it's good.

Keep exploring.

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Andrew said...

Thanks for commenting, Chris, I'll think about what you are saying.

I added the youtube video to my favourites. Your second link gives me a 404 error.