Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Who makes the best tour guide?

The question: "what is every thing like?" is a different question than the question: "what is everything like?"

In the days before finding out that none of my thoughts were my own, I used to think it mattered what I thought, and what I "believed" (for "believed" translate as "the set of thoughts I was stuck on").

Subsequently it becomes clear that the best tour guide is one who has covered the whole territory; the one who has visited All the places, and been down All the paths. The best tour guide is the one who knows the quickest route from any of those places to any other place, and also the most scenic route to travel (on days when the sun is out, and there's plenty of time and good company).

The best tour guide is the not the one who has spent their whole life never going outside their own valley - nor someone who may have travelled but secretly only likes their own home.

The best tour guide is the one who can speak to the locals in their own language, who knows how to get invited round for supper and treated to the local bonhomie, who can guide you through the mine field of local customs, and protect you from the likely hazards that are an intrinsic part of any adventure into the unknown.

And then further, indeed, the best tour guide is the one who understands that this entire world of thought is only a construction of thought. The whole universe can be re-created in the wink of an eye, and the process of exploring an entirely unknown and unknowable universe (even down to its barest constituents) must begin entirely from scratch (from nothing) all over again.

Ecstatic union is the world you come to when you have the opportunity to live before the horizon of a self-designated relationship with the eternal.

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