Friday, 13 March 2009

Before the beginning

Being is designed in such a way that it's origin is necessarily concealed from itself.
This is part of the design of being.
Consequently you don't have any hope of seeing the origin of yourself.
Appreciating this is a great relief to me.
(see Krishnamurti: The Impossible Question)

Or as I tried to say this poetically once, "God is a mystery even to herself, she likes it that way."

To ask about what was before the beginning is a metaphysical mistake.
Time comes into existence along with everything else.
Time only arises inside of creation, inside of existence.
"Prior" to creation, "prior" to existence there is no time just as there is no matter or space.
There is no "before the beginning".

It is probably a similar kind of mistake to ask about what is after the end.
In a similar kind of way there is no "after the end".

To use slightly more provocative language we might say that, regardless of its miraculousness, life is designed to be taken for granted.
Most people seem to have a natural capacity to do this, but for those less fortunate ones who can find no cure for our curiosity, it is useful to know that to uncover the origin of being is an impossible task. That it is impossible however, does not mean that the endeavour to do so is necessarily fruitless, I think.

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