Sunday, 27 January 2008

Jennifer Moore discusses Zoe Margolis and anonymous blogging about sex

An email in my inbox last week, reminded me of the brilliance of Jennifer "Single Bass" Moore, and led me to note that Jennifer now has a blog here: Jennifer Moore. Jennifer provides a sharp analysis of all kinds of subjects that are a little bit on the edge of main-stream culture.

Lately in particular she has been discussing Anonymous Blogging about Sex, and the whole "Girl with a One-track Mind" story, as featured on this weeks Radio4 today programme with John Humphries. "Girl with a One-track Mind" blog by Zoe Margolis, aka Abby Lee is here: Zoe Margolis and her Facebook page is here: Zoe Margolis on Facebook

You can read Jennifer's post here: anonymous blogging about sex and here is a quote from the piece, which may give the flavour of the treats in store:

Hard though it might be for some people to believe, not all women are exactly the same as each other.

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