Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Blowing our minds

It occured to me whilst I was swimming this morning, that at the heart of the Ecstatic Union project, is the opportunity for humanity to "BLOW OUR MINDS".

The "mind", as the sages tend to point out, acts a little bit like a trap. We stop experiencing life, and instead we see "only what we look for... understand only what we already know". But blowing our minds in a day-by-day moment-by-moment way sounds rather an unstable kind of world?

Could it be possible to establish a stable way of life that nurtures a moment by moment experience of blowing our minds?

It isn't of course for me to make the choice, but my gut instinct is that the best approaches to achieving the ongoing blowing of our minds will not be accomplished with drugs. Not either necessarily any form of practice, chanting, spiritual discipline, meditation, yoga, progressive sexual activity, training course, get together, love-in, discussion, art-work, sport, bell-ringing, rave, music, stadium event, peek experience, danger, bungee jump, sky-dive, theatre performance, religious festival, pilgrimage ... none of these usual suspects.

Yes of course all of these things are great experiences.

Yes of course all of these things may indeed be able to blow your mind.

And perhaps even the blowing of your mind may be sustained by them in an ongoing manner. And by returning to new similar experiences.

Whilst of course it is true that these physical, emotional, community, artistic, scientific, educational, spiritual and other disciplines are able to provide access to deconstructing our trapped ways of experiencing life, possibly even providing a tangible experience of your/my/our relationship with the eternal/atemporal/universal this is not ultimately the point of the Ecstatic Union project.

Rather, the point of the Ecstatic Union project is to construct the very fabric of our communities, institutions and societies, the very fabric of day to day living, in such away that the very fabric of our lives is calling for the deconstruction of the mind's fixated way of blocking out life.

What would it be like to wake up every day into a world that was moving of its own accord in the direction of blowing your mind? ... What if that was the direction in which the river of the world was flowing...

Every day the world blows your mind, and then you get up the next day and it blows your mind all over again.

What if that was the world you were born into?

What if that was the world that was out there every day you woke up?

Every day. Moment by moment. Every moment.