Saturday, 15 September 2007

Pretending to be human

This week my attempts to blend in have reached new heights:

I have:

  • Mowed a lawn

  • Clipped a hedge

  • Shook hands with a new neighbour

  • Drank peppermint tea

  • Rubbed polish into an antique sofa

  • Had lunch with my sister

  • Had a bath every day

  • Made a purchase at Argos

  • Made an insurance claim

  • Re-assembled a self-assembly wardrobe

  • Took hedge clippings to re-cycling centre

Unfortunately some details give me away:

  • The argos purchase was a USB flash drive

  • The insurance claim was for an Imate Jazjar 3G/Wifi/GPRS/Bluetooth PDA phone

  • I spent most of the week trying to stop my web server connections from failing

  • I spent Tuesday recovering data from 2 drives when a windows OS died rather dramatically (if that was your virus, virus writer, I hope you get what's coming to you