Thursday, 19 July 2007

Good vs. Evil ?

The idea that the great battle of our time is between GOOD vs. EVIL is a mistaken one.

The idea that the great battle of our time, an idea that is played out in so much popular and children's culture - star wars, harry potter, lord of the rings to name just a few, is a battle between GOOD vs. EVIL is a profoundly mistaken one.

It is also an idea which is doing a lot of mischief around the world. It is a relic of our tribal past, and is something that the sooner humanity transcends, the better off we shall be. "We" always like to characterise ourselves, our group, our family, our country... "people like us"... as the Good Guys.

The REAL battle of out times is between COMPLACENCY vs. ACTION, and between EDUCATION vs. IGNORANCE.

I look forward to a time when popular culture reflects this, as I think this is going to need to happen before ACTION and EDUCATION has got any chance of winning.

There are a few positive signs here and there. The last episode of the Christopher Eccleston series of Doctor Who shows "ordinary girl" Rose Tyler, realising that it is her and her family who are the only people anywhere who can save the universe from the Daleks.

The moral is not that the good doctor wins out over the evil daleks. The moral is that the ordinary girl, Rose, overcomes her only lack of self-belief and the complacency of her family... the "complacency of the chip shop", and turns out to be the only person who can save the universe.

The moral is a good one!

It is always the ordinary, unheard of, uncelebrated person - it is always them who must save the universe, if it is to stand any chance of being saved.