Thursday, 21 June 2007

God made man in his own image

In many of the religious traditions there is some equivalent to this. God made man in his own image... or to be PC, we might alternatively say Goddess made woman in her own image... whatever, right?

The thing that is interesting about this as far as I'm concerned is that several of the major faith traditions have an idea at their core that the creator created us, the createds you might call us, according to his/her own pattern, in the image of him/herself, i.e. to be some kind copy of the creator.

There is a consequence of this which I think is crucially important. The creator created us in the image of the creator. It strikes me that there is a drastically important consequence of this which these faith traditions tend to miss out on, even though it is something they all believe in...

If the creator created us in the image of the creator, there is surely something that follows from this? Surely this has got to imply that we, you and me, have ourselves been given the capacity to be creators... so what are we going to create?