Tuesday, 16 January 2007

The "Project"

I am working on a project which I have been calling “ecstatic union”… although perhaps this is not the best name for the project, it is the best name I have come up with so far.

The project aims to have ecstatic union with life be a readily available ground of being (readily available to every person) on which people can live their every day lives… grocery-shopping-ecstatic-union, driving-in-traffic-ecstatic-union, having-an-argument-with-their-life-partner-ecstatic-union, earning-a-living-ecstatic-union, any-old-which-thing-ecstatic-union, … (etc. etc.)

I have come to believe that a way I can fulfil on this is by participating in a public discourse with people in the world, such as yourself, who seem to be providing an access to this, either for others or for themselves or both.


blogger_reggolb said...

It is sad that you have such disdain for the reality behind the term “ecstatic union”.

Perhaps you should search beyond yourself for the answers you seek.

Andrew said...

Hi blogger_reggolb, thanks for your comment. I'm sorry if I have offended some sensibility of yours, that truly was not my intention.

I do not believe I have disdain for Ecstatic Union - I have given my life to making it available to myself and all who would like to be my friend on this journey.

If you would like to discuss this further I would be happy to. Please get in touch again.

kevinf567 said...

Maybe the 'ecstatic union' of blogger_reggolb is something akin to Tantric sex...I don't believe Andrew is disdaining any means of searching for, albeit probably never acheiving, ecstatic unions within any scope.

Anonymous said...

You may be interested to read Don Cupitt whose ideas of 'ecstatic immanence' and 'solar living' (living like the Sun) seem close to what you are suggesting.
David Warden

Andrew said...

Anyone interested in following up David's mention of Don Cupitt, here are a couple of references I found: don cupitt on doncupitt.com and don cupitt on Wikipedia. Thank's David.