Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Giving up

I would guess that most people would find it unbelievable how happy I am. I find it somewhat unbelievable myself. Because having spent a life time basically failing to achieve every adult desire my heart wished for, I discover as it looks more and more likely that I will never achieve those things, that actually - and this is the funny part - I don't care all that much. Perhaps I never did. Who knows. And in seeing the fineness of not having my heart's every desire, I feel curiously blissful. Someone told me the other day that there is a Taoist maxim: Go nowhere, do nothing! Strangely without meaning to at all, I have become an absolute master at this.

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

The Relaxation Centre

Thank you for getting in touch about the "Relaxation Centre". This is the "english" spelling. If you are that way inclined you are welcome to call it the "Relaxation Center". The idea is to build a kind of "temple to pleasure and relaxation" on a small patch of land in the azores.

I have bought a piece of land to build it on, on the lower slopes of the volcano on Pico. I had a land surveyor do a survey of it which I have as an AutoCAD file.

I know well a Portuguese architect who works on the island, and has built many inspiring buildings, so I have it in mind to commission him with the project.

You can watch a video showing a tour and discussion of the land, and also a 3D architectural fly round of a VERY rough sketch of central building of the relaxation centre by visiting this link: Pico Azores Relaxation Centre

My hope is to hold medidation and yoga holidays... that sort of thing... but with a strong emphasis on pleasure, relaxation and enjoyment. Plausibly it could be the venue for all sorts of socially positive activities... cultural experiences, good food, sun and sea, surrounded by the extraordinary natural beauty of Pico.

Plausibly, an alternative name could be the "Ecstatic Union Centre" ! ... ;-)

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

The "Project"

I am working on a project which I have been calling “ecstatic union”… although perhaps this is not the best name for the project, it is the best name I have come up with so far.

The project aims to have ecstatic union with life be a readily available ground of being (readily available to every person) on which people can live their every day lives… grocery-shopping-ecstatic-union, driving-in-traffic-ecstatic-union, having-an-argument-with-their-life-partner-ecstatic-union, earning-a-living-ecstatic-union, any-old-which-thing-ecstatic-union, … (etc. etc.)

I have come to believe that a way I can fulfil on this is by participating in a public discourse with people in the world, such as yourself, who seem to be providing an access to this, either for others or for themselves or both.